Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection is a critical requirement in projects. This is especially critical in the Indian cities where construction clearances can be obtained only after the plans for the fire protection are approved by Fire authorities. The experience of working on many international projects to international standards and the in-depth knowledge of local codes & standards make us the leading designers. We try to optimize every design with significant value engineering well within in the local norms.


Fire Protection systems:

♦ Fire Water Storage ♦ Fire Pumps & Fire Water Distribution System ♦ Automatic Sprinkler Systems ♦ Fire Hose Reel System ♦ Portable Fire Extinguishers ♦ Internal & External Fire Hydrant System ♦ Foam System ♦ Gaseous Fire Suppression System ♦ Water Mist Fire suppression system ♦ Pre Action Suppression System ♦ Hydraulic calculations with HASS software ♦ NFPA standards and NBC