Plumbing Systems

QDCI provide PHE Design services for all types of buildings – Residential, Office/ IT buildings, high rise towers, luxury Hotels, Hospitals, Malls and large Infrastructure projects. We intend to give optimized design solutions which are economical, easy to maintain and with low operating costs. Our designs are energy efficient and with environmentally sustainable green initiatives. To achieve this, we maintain a continuous search for new technologies, a comprehensive data base of all the products and local construction practice.


PHE systems:

♦ Potable Water Source / Storage System ♦ Water Supply Distribution System ♦ Water Treatment Systems ♦ Flushing Water Pumping & Distribution System ♦ Hot Water Supply System ♦ Centralized Hot Water Supply System ♦ Solar Hot Water Generation & Distribution System ♦ Soil & Waste Water Collection and disposal system ♦ Infrastructure Drainage System ♦ Sewage Treatment Systems  ♦  Building Rain Water System ♦  External Storm Water System ♦ Rain Water Harvesting & Recharging ♦  Solid waste Management system ♦ Familiar with International Plumbing codes